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Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide Board (Commonly known as MgO Board)  
It is made of Activity of high-purity magnesium oxide, without magnesium chloride (Using other materials instead of magnesium chloride), and water ternary system, Anti-Alkali fiber mesh, flexible excellent plant fibers, non-combustible lightweight perlite etc.
It has a high temperature, flame retardant, sound-absorb, Anti-seismic, waterproof and moisture proof , anti-moth, light and anti-corrosion, non-toxic ,tasteless ,non-polluting, It can be directly on the paint, veneer directly ,pasting tile. Its surface has good coloring. High strength, resistance to bending, toughness, It can be sawed; nailed, glued, extremely convenient decoration.
Product Characteristics
Density: 0.9-1.1G/CM3 
Bending Strengh Dry: 16.9MPA---21MPA
 48 Hour Water Soak Bending Strength(Wet):  17.3MPA-22.4MPA  
25 Times Soak-dry , Bending Strength: 15.6MPA--22MPA 
Soak-dry Limit: 0.86 
Soak-dry softening coefficiency: 0.923
48 hour Water soak softening coefficiency: 1.024
Freeze-thaw Cycle Limit: 0.89
Impact Resistance: 63.3J/M, Length Direction,    143.4J/M, Width Direction
Direct Screw Withdrawl:732N
Flexural Strength: 27.0MPA
Modulus of Elasticty: 9800MPA 
Asbestos content : 0%
Product Features
1. Fireproof
Durable Waterproof Fireproof Superior Cleanroom Wood Veneer Mgo Board was tested by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC). Its fireproof level is rated level A (nonflammable level).
2. Dam proof
It is excellent in moisture-resistance. Dry bending strength is 15Mpa. Bending strength under absorbed moisture is 22Mpa.
3. Heat insulation
It has heat prevention material incorporated and great feature of heat prevention. Thermal resistance is 1.14m2k/w.
4. Soundproof
It is proved to have good noise insulation property after inspected by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC). The noise insulation factor of the wall canreach 44dB and 47dB. It has the best noise insulation constitution in China, especially the 95mm wall comprised by the 10mmboard. It is light, it can save time, space, weight and expense. It is a new and high efficient wall. 
5. Compact resistance
It is a light board. Its density is less than 1.0×1.03kg/m3. At the same time its bending strength and impact resistance is excellent. Also, it will maintain its' quality during construction.