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paint free board
paint free board
paint free board
一, LUTAI paint free board is a new green material and also it is an environmental material .The raw material of PFB with the high temperature and high pressure, create the Tobermorite Crystals. Have the advantage of no delamination and no crack, long time used . PFB board is by the process of raw material mixing , forming , press, autoclave by high temperature and high press for 24 hours , stoving, surface treatment ,and then packing . 
PFB board is used in interior and exterior wall decoration .Exterior wall , for example: hotel, stadium, school, residential buildings, business building , supermarket, villa, apartment and so on . Interior wall , for example: subway, office , meeting room, tunnel, washing room , all types passageway, and so on .
The advantage of the PFB board 
1, green material and environmental ,nature and elegant, well decoration effect . 
2, Fast and simple construction, high efficiency, low cost. 
3, high strength ,suitable for the crowd place ,
4, fire-proof for 4 hours ,belong to Class-A incombustibility. 
5, water-proof, damp-proof, 
6, sound insulation& absorption
7, antisepsis& anti-moth
8, non-deformation
9, heat insulation. Low heat conductivity
10,long time usage. More than 50 years.
二, Production characteristics 
1, Standard specification: 1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm, also can cut the size as the customers request. 
2, Density :≥1.4G/CM3
3, Non asbestos 
4, Water content: <10%
5, Water absorption rate: <30%
6, Swelling rate: <0.25%
7, Thermal shrinkage: <0.5%
8, Thermal conductivity: <0.3W(M.K)\
9, Anti-bending strength: >12MPA
10, Freezing resistance : Without any crack and delamination after 25 times freeze thaw recycling test.
11, Impact resistance : without continuous crack after 1 impact .
12, Water Impermeability: the reverse side allows showing water mark but not dropping。
13, Linear Expansion:below 0.1%